• When I bought the house, it was heated electric baseboards and a wood stove. Over the years, I changed to an air-tight wood furnace with a propane backup stove (that lowered my heat costs). Then, I changed the wood furnace for a pellet stove (lowering the costs even more). With the changes, I kept lowering the heating costs but increasing the cleanup and maintenance along with having to set up air circulation equipment every winter – generally, a nuisance. I first met Chad several years ago. At the time a mutual friend was doing some renovations and upgrades on the house. He told me about air-to-air heat pumps and how I could see some more savings with one. Well, I wasn’t very interested as my pellet stove was only a couple of years old. So, I went through another winter with pellets which took quite an increase in price. That spring, I found someone to buy my pellet stove and called Chad. He was very patient as he walked me through the different heat pumps available and how each of them worked, all the pros and cons. And he recommended which one he felt would best suite our needs. I then, at Chad’s suggestion, researched everything I could find, on the internet and elsewhere, along with talking with a few people. He had given me good advice. I placed my order with him and also ordered a new propane unit, as the old one was getting long in the tooth and starting to have a couple of problems (I like to have propane as a backup for power outages). It really simplified everything to be able to get everything done with one company. Chad ordered the equipment and it soon arrived. It only took him a day and a half to install the heat pump (including hiring an electrician to run the power to it). It was up and running and that day the air conditioning aspect of it was useful. The propane unit only took one day to install including all new piping from one end of the house to the other. During the first year I had the two units. Chad would call or stop-in periodically to ensure that they were working all right and satisfying our needs and answer questions. During the three winters we’ve been using the heat pump my wife and I are very happy with its performance even on the really cold days. It’s quiet in the house and outside. It’s clean. It circulates the air in the house beautifully well. And, it’s reliable. The propane unit comes on when the power goes off and it too is clean, quiet and reliable. This gives us piece of mind to know that we always have heat even if we’re away. Costs for heating are very low. I thought the pellet stove was cost effective but heating this way has lowered the power bill by about 1/3 and I save all the cost of having to buy any pellets or fuel as well. Chad certainly steer me in the right direction. He comes by once a year for the annual inspection/cleaning of the equipment. We’ve never had to call him for service or repairs. In all my dealings with Chad, I have found him to be forthright, prompt to respond, punctual, meticulous with great concern for high quality, reliable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and his services.
    Robert Porter
  • Northern Climate, Chad, installed a new heating and air exchange system in our home and serviced the systems at our office for several years now.  We are extremely pleased by the care and attention Chad paid to our needs from estimate, installation to follow-up.  Complete system manuals were provided and a demonstration of how everything worked.  I quite enjoy our friend’s reactions when they see the new system; Wow that’s beautiful – who did the work?
    Kelly & David Moore
  • My husband and I were beginning to get really confused with all the information about heating and cooling products for our new home. We were second guessing every decision being made. Chad Sperry of Northern Climate Mechanical was recommended as someone to talk to. He was exactly what we needed!  His knowledge, low pressure approach and keeping the client's needs in mind by making us do a want / wish list assisted us in making an informed decision.  He said " my clients have to be happy with their choices, they are the ones living in their homes." We were thoroughly impressed with this young man and his attitude.  One other comment, his diplomacy in referring to other businesses was of mutual respect; a trait that we found to be most admirable.
    Andy & Susan Ernst